Mixed Media Pieces

Untitled (2016)
Oil on clock

On the left: a draft done in markers

The World As I Remember It (2014)

Acrylic paint, old calendar, kiss candy wraps, nail polish, and glitter on the cardboard that came with the training manual for my day job, tied with red ribbon.

The World As I Remember It (2014)

  1. World

The World As I Remember It (2014)
2. Self

The World As I Remember It (2014)
3. Process

The World As I Remember It (2014)
4. Meadow

February 01, 2014
Lined notebook, Laurentien coloured pencils, Tazo tea box, black and blue ink pens, red and black permanent markers, Cover Girl point plus eye pencil in midnight blue, Maybelline lipsticks in 625 and 870, Make Up For Ever lipstick in satin blueberry, Doctor Lee lip balm in mixfruit.
Written words are from Liz Fraser’s lyrics for Teardrop.

Tulips (2013)

Printed photos, glue and ball point pen on printer paper, with digital manipulation.

Statement: Inspired by a text post made by tumblr user Sealion-blues back when we followed each other, which said something along the line of “When I don’t get picked, I just tell myself that I’m a tulip.” The quote was materialized quite literally in this collage. Opportunities come and go all the time, but we are not always the lucky ones.

Untitled (2013)
Color pencil, rhinestones, and bedazzlers on cardboard